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Our cashmere

Our luxurious throws, blankets and cushions marry the best of English design flair with the traditional techniques of our hand weavers in Nepal. Sustainability runs through the fabric of our business – all our cashmere products are handwoven, hand-dyed and hand-finished on traditional wooden looms. We use no electricity during the spinning, dyeing and weaving process; this is bespoke craftsmanship at its finest.

Where does cashmere come from, and how is it made?

Our mission to provide customers with the most sumptuous throws and blankets led us to specialise in the finest fibre in the world – cashmere. We source our pure cashmere from the Upper Mustang region of Nepal, where the mountain goats are few in number and live at high altitudes. In these conditions, the cashmere fibres on the goat grow warmer and softer, making our cashmere rare and one of the softest, warmest natural fibres in the world. 

Collected in the warmer months between March and July, the hair is brushed without harming the animals by removing the dense, coarse top layer to reveal the finer, soft undercoat beneath. 

To make our beautiful cashmere blankets and throws, the cashmere is washed and dyed by hand to the exact colour required, then hand-woven and finished in Nepal amidst the lush foothills of the Himalayas. For generations, the family of master weavers have been producing the finest bespoke cashmere.

The finishing touches added by our highly skilled craftsmen and women complete each piece with beautiful borders. 

Every cashmere piece is cloud-soft, utterly beautiful, meticulously inspected and finished to the highest standard.