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Cashmere & Bamboo

The addition of super silky bamboo adds an almost metallic sheen which contrasts with cashmere, creating a unique design element. Our luxury blend combines 60% bamboo and 40% cashmere.

Designing your bespoke blanket or throw

The bamboo and cashmere take the dye slightly differently so we recommend that you choose a single colour only to create a beautiful tone-on-tone effect. Choose from a wide selection of over 75 colours. We even offer a colour matching service for those with a specific shade in mind. 

Your choice of weave is also an important consideration. A Reverse Chelsea throw or blanket made in luxury cashmere bamboo blend brings out the more matte cashmere on one side and the sheen of the bamboo on the reverse. By contrast, Twill is a more balanced weave that blends the two fibres so the bamboo adds a lustrous highlight to the cashmere.

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